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Perfil.Top provides a very intuitive WYSIWYG's (abbr. What You See Is What You Get) website builder - "drag and drop style" - and a solid technical support behind, for its customers. Here are some of the features of what we offer:

Website in 1-2-3 easy steps with Easy Builder!..

With our built Easy Builder editor, you may actually do your website in 3 phases (aprox. 10 minutes, if it's a first draft):
First choose your pre-made template from dozens of major categories or you can import the template model from another website (great tool - in beta stage testing - for migrating from another provider to Easy Bulder). Second, make the necessary changes you find suitable (like background, images, effects, font and color texts, etc.) with some simple clicks - what you are seeing is going to be the actual result your visitors will see (thus the WYSIWYG abbr.). Third (and final), just publish it or keep the drafts. A temporary "Under construction" page takes about 5 minutes to achieve.
The main advantages of Easy Builder are simplifying what is usually complicated and time consuming to program, and allow you to make your design idea alive, with intuitive and simple tools (yet complete). Using our publisher, host your website in a Domain of your choice or in a Subdomain of the type mysite.perfil.top
You can read further about its characteristics and features in the section below including the link to the demo.


We cannot ensure 24/7 Live chat support unfortunatly, since that really depends on the time zone of the users and our team. But we can ensure 24/7 email support, with answers within 2 to 8 hours top (garanty for premium users).

Features Keywords

The plans we propose, are both versatile and intuitive in their use. Some of its strengths and essentials keywords assets are: Simple - Intuitive - Practical - Professional - Complete - Versatile - Moldable - Quick - Polyvalent - Reachable - In evolution - Customizable - Unique - Imaginative - Safe.

Take yourself to another level

With any of our plans (from Free to Pro), you have the possibility of an easy design through our intuitive drag-and-drop editor (drag and drop the contents wherever you want, with easy text editing and visual modification) with the WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") system, ideal if you are not a webdesigner with much experience making it attractive, elegant and efficient in a personal way - as in a professional one. You have at your disposal, according to the plans, the right tools to work with and to achieve your goal.

Price versus Quality

You can have a solid presence on the web completely affordable and professional. But if you need more, our plans are completely flexible and can be upgraded (or canceled) any time. The unique features of Easy Builder are unlimited for an unique price. We gathered several prices on the market, with similar (or even less) capabilities, and we are sure we're offering a competetive option.

Easy Build - Demo Video

Professional Templates

You can choose between almost 200 different pre-made templates in 22 major topics themes, for all pourpouses and adapt them to your needs, personal or professional. From Arts to Travel, passing through Education, Business (with e-commerce and payment gateways implemented), Personal Pages or a plain Under Construction page, just choose your draft and model it with your personal touch.
When choosing the base template, you can preview, select to modify it and a very special and important feature: you can watch an interactive guide to see how was that particular template built. This feature (along with the full help guide) is a powerful learning tool.


Professional Plugins

You can use several different pre-made plugins and tools - in a "drag and drop" style - for all pourpouses and adapt each field to your needs by quick editing. E-commerce, social functions, videos, or other hard programming needs are no longer complicated and time consuming, giving you time to work on the design, functionality and contents of your website.



Easy Builder is translated in 49 different languages (and growing), so anyone can understand and use it more easely.


Professional Features

Here are the main features of Easy Builder described in the image below. It has everything you need to build from a personal website to a services/e-commerce platform. But both with an excellent, beautiful and professional flowing design and look.



"Import website" Feature


Despite being on test stage (beta), Easy Builder website import tool allows you to import as working base a template of any website on the internet - like the website you have developed in another provider and are currently using. This tool prevents you of having to build everything from scratch again. There will be - of course - some expected errors on the importing process, but they will be small and easely corrected (logically it depends on the complexity of the website in question). Here's an example:


Easy Build Import - Example Demo Video


Click here to view the Public Demo (you can use all the tools and experiment all the features without registration)


Click here to view the Full Interactive help Guide (you can see the full interactive help guide for using Easy Builder)


The website previewed in this image for a temporary under construction page was built in 5 minutes (including the font face and size, the text, the countdown date and the background) but maintaining a simple beauty in the design given that the visual interface, the tools and features of Easy Builder are simple and (very) intuitive.

Before choosing the background model of the template you want, you can not only preview it but also watch a interactive guide on how it was done, step by step, for your own reference.

Easy Builder was made not to be quick, but to be easy. However, easyness brings quickness, when all the complicated parts are turned simple. You can focus on the important parts of the website, which are the design and mainly the contents, without the need of deep programming knowledge.

Categories and samples of templates

  1. Art, Education ...

  2. Bootstrap style, Under construction, Landing page ...

  3. Business, E-commerce, Services, Hotels, Transport ...

  4. Entertainment, Sport, Events, Media ...

  5. Food, Health ...

  6. Nature, Travel ...

  7. Personal page, Social ...

  8. Technology, Energy ...

  9. And more to come ...


Current available plans

With Easy Builder
4 .50 /MON
  • Instant setup
  • Possibility to import external website
  • 190+ Templates
  • Basic, Pro & Advanced editor features ***
  • E-commerce ability
  • Domain/Subdomain parking
  • No Ads
  • 250 MB webspace
  • 20 email accounts
  • 3 MB max. image upload
  • 100 MB max. file upload
  • 24/7 Premium Support (email)
  • No Easy Builder logo
  • *** Advanced editor: social, advanced, commerce & others
With Easy Builder
3 .60 /MON
  • Instant setup
  • Possibility to import external website
  • 3 Templates
  • Basic & Pro editor features **
  • E-commerce ability
  • Domain/Subdomain parking
  • No Ads
  • 50 MB webspace
  • 10 email accounts
  • 1 MB max. image upload
  • 20 MB max. file upload
  • 24/7 Premium Support (email)
  • No Easy Builder logo
  • ** Pro editor: line, button, form, menu, languages & blocks
With Easy Builder
0 .00 /MON
  • Instant setup
  • Possibility to import external website
  • 1 Template
  • Basic editor features *
  • No E-commerce ability
  • Domain/Subdomain parking
  • No Ads
  • 10 MB webspace
  • No email accounts
  • 1 MB max. image upload
  • 5 MB max. file upload
  • 24/7 Support (email)
  • Easy Builder logo required
  • * Basic editor: text, image, gallery, media, maps & shape

How does it
Immediate activation!
  • Register first with Perfil.Top
  • After successful registration and
    subscription you will receive an email with your
    login credentials for your secure CPanel
  • When you login, under the Software tab you will
    find the Easy Builder logo that allows you
    to edit, save and publish your website.
    You can save/download the website
    to your own computer.
  • Done!

  • We currently just accept 25 registrations
    at this price and conditions.

Frequently Ask Questions

In this section you will find the most common frequently asked questions..

What is Easy Build?

Easy Build is a web implementation to provide an easy drag-and-drop editor, with the known WYSIWYG functionality, in order for our customers be able to make/edit quickly an website, from hundreds of pre-made templates, a process in 3 steps = 10 minutes. Either you wish a personal or professional website, you can build it in time, saving always your drafts and publishing only if you feel it fits your needs.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

If the Chat Support Live is not active, please contact us to our general email below. We will try to respond asap.

Can I cancel/upgrade my account?

Of course you can. The upgrade is automatic if you wish it (within your control panel). If you wish the cancelation, please email us so there's no mistakes - we'll erase your account in minutes.

What languages are available?

For now, english and portuguese are fully implemented in the website. The builder has, however, about 50 translated languages!..

Can I have a username/subdomain that is already taken?

No you cannot. You may, however, register your own domain (.com, .net, etc.) and park it freely linked to your account.

Can I download my website to my Desktop?

For the time being, no. We are working on it though! And your website, in php, js and css (all the assets) will be fully downloadable.

About us

Perfil.top is a launch and personal Internet establishment platform. It aims to give everyone the opportunity to have their own place in the vast network of the WWW. This concept, founded Perfil.top. Whether is for personal reasons, professional, or any other content, many people want or need to have their brand and space on the Net. However, there are many who do not master the necessary design and programming skills for websites to be placed in a common provider. Another aspect that blocks this personal / business projection is the cost of hosting. Perfil.top thus launches an affordable platform in hosting, and with easy, intuitive, multi functional, and advanced website creation tools. They virtually allow the user to be on the Internet in 3 minutes, with a simple presentation page. We hope to improve our resources, and our quality / price over time, to invest more and more in our creativity.

Welcome to Perfil.top :)


If you have any inqueries please email us at info@perfil.top or use the contact form below.


PERFIL.TOP provides online website building and web hosting services to clients worldwide, and we have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best services available. EVERY VISITOR MUST READ AND AGREE TO OUR TERMS OF SERVICES . IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH IT, YOU SHOULD LEAVE THE PERFIL.TOP WEBSITE AND DISCONTINUE USE OF ANY SERVICES IMMEDIATELY. All clients who use our services are subject to the following terms of service:

• Indemnification Policy

You agree to use all services and facilities at your own risk. specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall PERFIL.TOP be liable for any loss, or loss of data, or other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages. Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold PERFIL.TOP harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney's fees asserted against PERFIL.TOP, its agents, its customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by customer, it's agents, employees or assigns. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless PERFIL.TOP against liabilities arising out of: Any injury, damage or loss to a person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with any of PERFIL.TOP's services. PERFIL.TOP reserves the right to intervene with any of the sites hosted on its PERFIL.TOP servers in the interest of its customers. Any material supplied by customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party Copyright infringement any defective products sold to customer from PERFIL.TOP's server. PERFIL.TOP shall be the sole judge of what violates this Policy.

• PERFIL.TOP customers and services:

PERFIL.TOP provide services to individuals and companies who are legally allowed to make contracts and over 18 years old. We offer as services:
Website builder for Regular customers - allows registered costumers to create and update their websites. Online website builder offers basic and Premium (paid) services. Each visitor is allowed to test website builder prior to registration. Premium builder offers additional website building feature that may or may not be useful for the client. We reserve the right if necessary to decide, change or/and update basic and Premium builder's feature for Regular customers and Hosting providers on our own behalf.

• Billing, Cancellation and Refund Policy

As a customer of PERFIL.TOP you agree to submit or supply a payment for the rendered services in advance, on the billing date set by PERFIL.TOP. By default these services will be billed on a recurring basis. To cancel billing subscription, you must login to your account on PERFIL.TOP and cancel ordered service priot to billing date. Failed to do so, will be charged for the ordered service.

• Cancellations and refunds

PERFIL.TOP allows each visitor to test website builder prior to registration and does not provides any refund for Regular customers and Hosting providers. Subscribers may cancel the account at any time. Subscribers who wish to cancel the account have to contact PERFIL.TOP by email info@perfil.top or create a ticket in his panel Helpdesk after login with a cancellation request. Such cancellation request will be revised by PERFIL.TOP staff members and then a final confirmation to cancel the account will be sent. Account cancellation will be processed only when the final confirmation from the subscriber will be sent (initial cancellation request will not be held as a final confirmation under any circumstance for security reasons). If a confirmation to cancel the account is not sent by the subscriber, then the account cancellation will not be processed and the account will remain active. Any active subscriptions will be left intact. After the account is canceled, no further billing on the account will be made. All files, settings and any other information related to the subscriber account will be removed from PERFIL.TOP servers.

• Payment Methods

PERFIL.TOP uses Paypal payment processors. Clients may submit a payment with a valid credit or debit card or by using the balance of his/her Paypal account. PERFIL.TOP accepts payments from Verifed and from Unverified Paypal accounts, which generally means that the client may either use the funds on the credit / debit card attached to Paypal (verified paypal) or the balance on his PayPal account (Unverified) to submit the payment for the services provided by PERFIL.TOP. Please mind that the funds on client Unverified Paypal account will need to be converted from any other currency to EUROS currency prior to submitting a payment.

• Fraudulent Payment Policy

If a payment on a client account is marked as fraudulent (such payments are reversed on the payment gateway), then PERFIL.TOP reserves the full right to stop any service provided to the client (including other accounts and other payments submitted by the same client) until the issues with the payment are solved. If the client refuses to solve issues with the payment which is marked as fraudulent PERFIL.TOP reserves the full right to delete all accounts and stop payment subscriptions provided to the client without any refund for security reasons.

• Late Payment Policy

All accounts are billed according to the dates they were first activated on. Delays in payments will generate payment notices by PERLFIL.TOP until the situation is settled.

• Account Access Policy

When a client registers any type of account user (Regular clients and Hosting providers) with PERFIL.TOP, the client will be held liable for the client identification information that is provided:

a) Name and Surname of the Client
b) Client Address
c) Company details
d) e-mail address.

PERFIL.TOP will assume all of this information is provided correctly and may use this information to contact the client if such need arises. Some of the information on the account will be generated automatically (like, for example, payment ID's). Client may access the account at any time if he has access to the initial e-mail account that he used to register the account on PERFIL.TOP. If the client claims that he has no access to the respectable e-mail account and that he has no way to recover the password set on the account, he will need to provide us with the last payment date and payment ID's on which the payments were made, as well as full client name (name and surname), and full client address set on the respectable account.

Client acknowledges and accepts this procedure and access policy and agrees not to bring any claim of a lawsuit against PERFIL.TOP arising out of this said policy and procedure. PERFIL.TOP will not be held liable for any damage or liability that may have arise out of following policy and procedure. In the event when there is more than one person claiming rights to the same account, who may or have provided the information which may provide them access to the respectable account following the PERFIL.TOP policy and procedures, then PERFIL.TOP is not obligated to provide access to any of the parties. Also, PERFIL.TOP is not obligated to solve any kind of such disputes and may solely decide who to provide access to according to internal information and historical data that may have been collected about the user, based on the usage on the respectable account.

• Confidentiality:

PERFIL.TOP will not share any of it's client personal information to any third parties not related to PERFIL.TOP. Some of the client data may be forwarded on the following exceptions:

a) PERFIL.TOP will respond to court orders or other legal processes and may provide relevant information to relevant parties about the client on such a case, but will inform the end client about such process and will wait for a valid response from the end client before sending out the information to the respectable party. If the client who owns the related account fails to respond in 15 days we will send out the information to the respectable party without the confirmation of the client.
b) Third Party Providers - some of the information will be sent to third-party providers such as Payment Gateways. PERFIL.TOP will solely choose which third-party providers to send client information to. This depends on the services that will be offered by the third-party to PERFIL.TOP clients, however no client information will be sent to third-parties not related to PERFIL.TOP services.

PERFIL.TOP shall not be responsible for any changes in services provided by a 3rd party provider, also will not be held liable for any damage or loss which may arise from service disruption provided by a 3rd party provider. PERFIL.TOP will show highest interest to make sure that that services provided by a 3rd party are running smoothly and correctly, and will contact the 3rd party provider when changes or fixes are needed, however the time needed for any fix or alteration will not be decided by PERFIL.TOP and PERFIL.TOP will not be held liable for any fixes or alterations to be performed on a product provided by a 3rd party in a definite time frame.

• Usage Policy

PERFIL.TOP offers limited amount of resources for specific websites stored within PERFIL.TOP servers (disk drive space, bandwidth, domains per account, and others). This means that PERFIL.TOP will set a specific cap for these resources and client will be able to use these resources based on the service plan they have chosen. PERFIL.TOP reserves atight to change service plan limits and prices for these plan when needed.

• Backups

PERFIL.TOP does not automatically generate backups for websites created and stored within PERFIL.TOP. PERFIL.TOP allows clients to create backups manually. Backup feature is accessed through each website builder. To protect information that was created with website builder, client must create backups regularly on his own behalf. PERFIL.TOP takes no responsibility for any loss of information that is stored within PERFIL.TOP.

• Acceptable Use Policy

All services provided by PERFIL.TOP may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any Internationl, European Union United States Federal, State or City law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statute. The customer/visitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PERFIL.TOP and its employees from any claims resulting from the use of the service which may damage or damages the PERFIL.TOP or any other party. Our acceptable use policy is actively and strictly enforced. Offending content or users are suspended from our network, usually as soon as they are discovered, although we will always inform you when and why any action has been taken. If you think your site may violate our Terms Of Service, please ask us before signing up for an account so that we may determine if you can create website using PERFIL.TOP website builder. PERFIL.TOP reserves the right to determine what is and what isn't acceptable for our services. Customer/visitor acknowledges that the service provided is of such a nature that service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of the company and that damages resulting from any interruption of service are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, customer/visitor agrees that the company shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of the company. Subscriber further acknowledges that the company's liability for its own negligence may not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to charges payable by customer/visitor for services during the period damages occurred. In no event shall the company be liable for any special or consequential damages, loss or injury. Illegality in any form, including but not limited to the unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software or other data, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene material. Undesirable Content Certain types of content are not allowed on our network. We do not host adult content of any description. Content relating to Hacking, Cracking, Warez and IRC is not allowed. Software, audio and video downloads may only be hosted if you are the writer and copyright owner of the resources or you have a right to distribute the materials. Accounts suspended due to content or AUP violation are not refunded under any circumstances. Any kind of abusive content found on websites hosted within PERFIL.TOP server should be reported to info@perfil.top. PERFIL.TOP will handle any abuse report with the highest priority and interest. PERFIL.TOP will not be held liable for any damage or loss that may have arisen from content uploaded and used on customer's website hosted within PERFIL.TOP server. Client who is the account owner takes full responsibility of the whole account content and all actions that are performed on the respectable account, also takes full responsibility for any and all of damages or losses that may arise from his account content or actions performed by scripts on his account.

• Commercial Advertising and Spam E-mails

Our servers may not be the source, intermediary, or destination address involved in the transmission of spam, flames, or mail bombs. Your domain may not be referenced as originator, intermediary, or reply-to address in any of the above. SPAM /illegal content advertising sites on other servers which in turn contain links to a domain on our servers is prohibited. We consider spam any mass unsolicited message in the mediums of Newsgroups and Email. If you are found to have spammed, then we will immediately, without warning, disable your domain. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to known spammers. Lastly, we reserve the right to determine what violates this policy. As such, any violation will result in immediate deactivation of services without refund. Server Abuse: Any attempts to undermine or cause harm to a server is strictly prohibited.


PERFIL.TOP shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental and consequential damages, which may arise from PERFIL.TOP services going off-line or being unavailable for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, PERFIL.TOP shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental or consequential damages, resulting from the corruption or deletion of any web site from PERFIL.TOP servers. All damages shall be limited to the immediate termination of service. Violations of these Acceptable Uses Policies should be referred to info@perfil.top. All complaints will be investigated promptly.


PERFIL.TOP intends to provide the best possible website builder tool to each of its clients. PERFIL.TOP shows the most interest to use the latest technologies and solutions to make the service provided to the end client the best possible. However, PERFIL.TOP cannot be held liable for any system downtime, crashes, or data loss that may happen on the servers. Also, PERFIL.TOP will not be held liable for any predicted estimate of profits in which a client would have gained if their site was functioning. If any terms or conditions are failed to be followed, the account in question may be automatically deactivated by PERFIL.TOP. PERFIL.TOP retains the right to change, modify or delete any or all of the above Terms, Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer with or without prior notification.

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